EASY TO USE – High loft 15° driver is more appropriate for the swing speed of new junior golfers, helping them get the ball into the air
LARGE SWEETSPOT – The oversized head gives a big sweetspot and more forgiveness
GRAPHITE SHAFTS – Lighter shafts help generate more club head speed, whilst the junior flex with a bit more flex/kick improves distance for slower swing speeds

[Application]:Through Tik-tok sound to make golfers discover their left arm curving mistake, so as to keep the left arm at a straight position, therefore it can gradually form effective and desired hitting; Fit all golfers or golf instruction, especially for beginners
[Tik-Tok Sound Prompt Incorrect Posture]: Built-in alarm device which made of special material makes a Tik-Tok sound immediately if you bend your elbow when swings golf; It prompt you that you are not in correct posture, you should adjust posture and keep left arm on straight
[Adjustable And Easy To Wear]: Strong hook&loop strap and buckle make it adjustable, easier to put on and take off; The plastic thick plastic buckle will not scratch you skin like other thin metal buckle; It fits most people’s arm, elbow circumference up to 33cm


🏌️Record Your Golf Swing with your Cell Phone for Instant Feedback
🏌️User-friendly design: The circular joint can be rotated 360 degrees, record the golf swing/short pole/push, and immediately replay your golf swing to review alignment, swing, foot movement and more!
🏌️Easily Expands to Fit Cell Phones of All Shapes & Sizes | Rubber Grips Prevent Phone from Sliding

460cc driver, 10.5° loft fitted with Regular Flex graphite shaft
3 Wood fitted with Regular Flex graphite shaft, headcover included
3/4 Hybrid Rescue Wood, fitted with steel shaft, headcover included

3 mens golf shirts for this low price
Regular fit shirts – 100% moisture wicking polyester – machine washable


Double canopy design to prevent inverting in high winds
Moulded grip for improved grip
Great Quality Waterproof

These high quality polo packs combine three great colour choices in one
This contemporary design goes great with golf attire on the course, or worn casually off it
Made from a comfortable, moisture wicking soft polyester fabric

15-pack men’s golf balls in yellow, 2-piece construction, Desgined for high-speed drives
2-piece construction, Elliptical 432 dimple surface for extended range
Core with low compression technology for longer shots, Long lasting

Ultra is known as the original distance golf ball
2-piece construction optimized for distance
High compression for maximum durability and long distance

Oversize 460cc Driver / 10.5 Degree Loft / Regular Graphite Shaft
Fairway 3 Wood / 15 Degrees Loft / Regular Graphite shaft
Hybrid Club #5 / 24 Degrees Loft / Regular Graphite Shaft

Wilson complete set of 10 golf clubs for men (left hand) with stand bag, Ideal for beginners and casual players with a height of 167-186 cm, Wood is titanium/steel, irons are 17-4 stainless steel with 100% graphite shafts
Wilson stand bag with 5 compartments, Upper grip and collapsible stand, Rings for hanging golf towel, gloves and shoulder strap, Holder for tees and umbrella, Pouch for beverages and golf balls, Lightweight: 1.9 kg
Wilson Stretch XL golf clubs with graphite shafts: Driver with 10.5 degree loft for long, straight shots from the tee, 3 wood for fairway shots, 5 hybrid for difficult shots – replaces the 5 iron, 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons for approach shots and extra ball control


Model number: WGD1510001