Golf Equipment For Seniors

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Popular Senior Golf Equipment

Firstly let me say this, this article is meant to just outline some of the products available to help us seniors enjoy our golf.

Yes we do stock these items in our store but they are also available on many other websites.

If you happen to be a senior golfer then you’ll definitely enjoy a few toys that just help enhance
your game a lot more. Most golfing websites have some great gifts and accessories to give that
special golfer or just buy the things for yourself. The first thing on your list might be the Skycaddie.
This is a handy gadget that will tell you were the bunkers are located and some other areas of
the course to avoid. This handy rangefinder is something that will have you playing like a pro in
no time. It is approved by the USGA and the R&A.

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Senior golfers will want a Speed cart to make things easier on those walk only golf
courses. Since you cannot have a golf cart, the motorized Speed Cart starts up and away it
goes. You can set it to go by itself for up to sixty yards without you behind it to control the
buttons. It can be used as a manual cart or as a self-powered cart its that easy,im sure it will make your day of golf
all that more enjoyable. Conserve all your energy for the golf swing, let the Speed Cart do all the work.
You will never need a caddie again.
If you have  problems finding the golf ball like me, you might like the Ball Finder Scout  I use it regularly it helps
me find those hard to locate balls that seem to vanish when you least expect them.
Never worry about losing sight of another golf ball. If you happen to hit the ball into water or into the
wooded area, this little gadget may not work, but if the ball is 1 to 2% visible, it
should and usually does find my golf ball. For us senior players this really does come in very handy.
Another little compact gadget that fits in the pocket for the senior golfer is the Zelocity Pure Contact Launch and
Flight Monitor. It is amazing, so easy to use. This is something that will help
you to improve your swing for distance and lets you know how to hit with the club in your hand. This
is great for getting over that bunker thats coming up. Lets face it if you know how many yards you get with
that one particular club, then how easy would it be to choose the right club for that specific shot. It works great
for conditioning yourself and teaches whether our swing is worsening or getting better.
As a senior golfer myself i admit to owning some of these little gadgets and why not!
I have golf tees, spot markers, golf balls and a hand towel with my initials. There are
so many other gadgets and accessories available to enhance your game the list is endless, some just make you
feel good about yourself nothing wrong with that is there. It is every golfers desire to hit the ball and play like a pro, you can accomplish everything you want to as a senior golfer using the little aids that are now available to us. Golfing should be fun and
using some of the mentioned accessories can only enhance the game you might say. Happy Golfing to you all.

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