Can You Learn Golf From A Book?

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Can You Learn Golf From A Book?

Golf, today, has become one of the most popular participated in games in the world,
The number of people learning the sport has become huge as well. With the advent of videos, articles available
online, and books it has become so much easier for learners to find information on golf swings, stance and how to’s. This however can lead to future problems when there are no ground skills as a foundation to build off.
Therefore, balancing actual golf play with learning to advance your skills from books is very important.
More and more people are researching through books and videos every year, looking to improve there game. The
amount of books available online is numerous,and there are many stating they can improve your golf skills. Among the many available books only a few will provide good advice many are just written to sell this and that. There is absolutely no way
any one book could  teach us everything we needed about our stance,  the right method to swing or the correct golf clubs to use.

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Drawbacks with books

It is true that a book could help us to diagnose various problems we are having, like striking the
ball, but not achieving much distance, hooking etc. Books, however, cannot point out there and then where
we are going wrong. When we work with an instructor, our swing problems and
defects could be pointed out. Only when these points are understood would it be helpful to use a book
to help our Golf. We should be aware that any book on golf could teach advanced skills.
However, only after mastering our game basics will they be of any use.
There are so many books available and with some digging we could find one that’s of help to us. Books are
structured in different ways. Some act as guides whereas a few of them are more specific in there subjects..
Best part about books

We can look for information from books anytime, However, every novice needs to take few lessons

with an experienced Golf instructor before relying on books totally. Ensure to carefully check the information within the book before  purchase.

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