Senior Golf Players Increase Your Distance .

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Senior Golf Players Increase Your Distance With Tips
senior golf clubs

Just because your’e a senior golfer does that mean you should lose that distance. If you’re playing
regularly, and you’ve already adjusted your fitness and your clubs and other equipment. As
you continue playing, you’ll always make adjustments as you age. You’ll never have to stop playing golf.
Golf is by far one of the most popular recreational games a senior person can participate in without
hurting themselves. We might need some instruction or tips on how to maintain that
distance every golfer wants.
While your body ages, you’ll want to stay fit. This is why doing some strengthening exercises, flexibility
training can help. Keeping your body strong and
flexible will only enhance your golf and help you get the distance you need. Maybe some
weight training to keep the upper body strong is required as we age. Stretching exercises on our legs
daily will help with flexibility for a natural spring, which helps with the distance shots as
you swing. The more flexible our body, the better our swing will be. Fitness is really
important,it helps us to walk the distances between holes. If you are not used to walking, you
could easily get tired. Not all golf courses will have a golf cart available as most of us know all to well.
Having the correct gear also makes a huge difference with your shot and the distance you get on
the ball. As we age, the need for different clubs to aid our swing and drive
the ball further becomes more and more paramount. Important Factors are the club shaft flex,
the length of the club and of course the lie angle. These are important factors in choosing the correct golf club.
Sometimes senior golfers may take a lesson or two from pros.
Of course this enhances our game and we can learn some helpful techniques from the pros.
The clubs we use definitely make a difference when we play senior golf. Even the pros
change golf clubs as they age. The more flexibility we have in our clubs wil give
us more distance in our shots. This is noticed by seasoned golfers as well as the pros. If you are a novice
player, you’ll probably need to take some lessons and get out on the driving range to get the
best distance on the ball before heading off to the greens.

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